We recognize the tragedies that communities impacted by wildfires are facing. We are shifting our brand away from Wildfire. We feel that WildKind represents our wildly different way of approaching employee engagement and our dedication to supporting companies doing kind work in their communities. As we shift, all existing links from Wildfire will remain functional. Thanks for bearing with us while we make this important shift.


Your new community of action

Wild approach. Kind actions.

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Our wild story

Research shows that companies lose $450-$550 billion dollars in productivity every year because of disengaged employees. That’s wild. Productivity increases by 25% and sales by 20% at companies with connected employees. We connect employees, get companies their lost dollars back and do good for the world. That’s WildKind.

We're engagement movers and shakers.

We move people from: We're busy and it's difficult. We're fragmented. It's a task we don't have time for.

And shake it up to: It’s simple and easy. We’re a connected network. It’s fun and inspiring and we want more.


A wildly different way

We deal in experiences & relationships.

We make volunteering & community action exciting through celebration.

We're building a network based on kind action.

We believe in ‘us’—the super power we have combined together to do good at our companies, for our communities.


Wild idea: Make it fun



We let everyone know what’s up. One of the hardest things about community engagement is letting everyone know what’s happening. We work with you to craft communication and even fun events to announce new initiatives—keeping everyone on the same page.

And, we like to brag about our members. We do it all the time to share the kind stories of our companies. We tell stories through communication and social events. It's more engaging that way. And it works.



We are so much more than a shiny tool. We do this together in lockstep with you. From networking with community partners, to scheduling opportunities, to managing logistics on our web-based platform, we don’t just tell the stories; we partner with you to make the stories happen.



Just like your elementary school math teacher said, it’s important to show your work! We've done the research. A lot of it actually. And it's pretty astounding. Studies show that people are 3x more likely to connect when they share in celebration. So we're taking the expert's advice and celebrating good with our companies, with our nonprofit partners and with our companies customers. It's fun and inspiring and a little different, like us.



We have more fun together. We do more together. We are better together. That’s why we do a ton of work to get all our members to connect—to share stories and skills, to socialize, to celebrate, to network, to get to know each other. We are in this together and it’s inspiring to know we aren’t alone in this.


Building a network

It’s better together.

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Benefits of WildKind membership

We are currently recruiting new members. Benefits of membership include:

  • PERSONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER: Dedicated account manager from WildKind. Think of us as your employee community engagement concierge service.

  • TECH PLATFORM: Our pretty and cool custom web platform.

  • NETWORK: Partnering with other member companies and organization on community activities, volunteering, celebrations, fundraisers and more.

  • MARKETING: Public and internal, covering your successes and fun stories