How do we get started?

Get in touch. We come over and talk about what you want to do. Once we know that, we invite all your people onto the platform with a super dooper special email. They all sign in and see all the opportunities we set up with you. The first conversation usually takes an hour. Give us a week or so to set it all up. Then, once your people get their invite, they can be signing up for volunteering, giving, partying, socializing, and doing all kinds of kind things immediately. Easy. And fun

What if we know we want to do stuff. but are having a hard time knowing what to do now?

No problem! We do many network-wide rallies that you can jump into. These rallies are usually started by one existing member company and many other companies join in. So if you are into doing stuff and don’t necessarily want to choose right now, we can set you right up with a fully formed rally with all kinds of opportunities!

What does it cost?

Right now we are recruiting for our foundational network members. And, of course, we are going to take care of the first founders. All it costs is a special limited founder rate of $2/member/month. No obligations. Pay for the year and get 10% off!

Any other questions?

Want to get started? Have a couple more questions? Just email support@spreadwildfire.com