Corporate community action is now easy.

Your team wants to be active in the community. Organizations need your help. Why isn't this easy? It is now. 

Wildfire is a cloud-based community that brings us all together for easy, actionable giving. United, we will do more than ever before- while spending less time and money to do so. 

Have more impact. Do less work. 

Do you offer Wildfire as a benefit to your employees?

Corporate community action IS Good Business.

Employee community action is a powerful way to build vibrant staff culture by boosting morale, motivation and job satisfaction.


EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Offer your employees the benefit of membership in a network where they can easily take action- following the company's and their own values. They will enjoy access to collaboration and workflow tools to find, create, and organize their own engagements. And, you will find the tools to create and curate opportunities for your staff. 

CLIENT RELATIONS. With multi-company volunteer events, go beyond and partner with other companies over meaningful community work.  Spread the goodness around. 

COMPANY GOALS. Offer a highly visible, systematic, and organized way for employees to engage with larger company goals and vision. You'll find support and ease in achieving these goals with Wildfire- while keeping track with reports and metrics.

Oh- and community organizations who need volunteers- your Wildfire membership is free. Nominate a non-profit


You have the tools.

It's your community and your work. Do what you want, when you want, how you want. There are no intermediaries. Wildfire provides you the workflow and collaboration tools necessary to accomplish your goals your way.

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real, measurable work.

You're out there bettering the community. We help by keeping track and giving recognition where due through PR and Community Action Certification.

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