For a medium sized company -- on average

Wildfire saves you $2.97 /employee/day  

and costs $.07 /employee/day

while building your brand reputation and generating meaningful client acquisition & retention opportunities.


A dedication to workplace community action raises employee retention and engagement

Price Waterhouse Cooper finds that people are more proud of their company after engaging with their community. 

  • Create a community of shared values
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Increase credibility and build trust with internal team and clients
  • Lead by example



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Companies committed to community have an advantage in recruiting top talent

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From Price Waterhouse Cooper and Forbes, respectively

Build Brand reputation and resilience

Build brand trust with meaningful corporate engagements. 

a whopping 90% of consumers said they’d switch brands for one that supports a cause.
— Cone Communications

Increase Client acquisition and retention

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Work together with client companies outside work in a team building atmosphere. Forge authentic bonds while doing meaningful work. 

Reduce Burden

All this can be done with Wildfire at a fraction of the usual work and time.