lead the charge

Go from zero to hero real quick. Wildfire enables you to get your entire team, no matter the size, onboarded and giving back to your community in a matter of minutes. Seriously.


Empower staff

Give your team the power.  Wildfire's intuitive Cloud-based platform is filled with all the tools they need to directly engage with the communities they live and work. This gives each individual the power to become their own agent of good with the backing of your brand.

And, simply being a member of Wildfire reinforces your commitment to your healthy company culture.

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Find or create opportunities

Less planning, more doing.  You and your staff can either find opportunities or create custom ones yourselves. This can take the form of quickly finding a pre-existing curated opportunity, creating a custom event in collaboration with a non-profit, or simply inputting and tracking the hours you're already spending in the community.


Partner with multiple companies

Skip the golf course and bar tabs.  Since Wildfire is a connected network, it's easy to collaborate with partners, clients and maybe even competitors (success through collaboration). It's easier together- and more fun. Deepen relationships, or start new ones while doing meaningful work.


View Reports and Metrics.

Numbers? We've got 'em.  We provide you with metrics and reports for Joe in accounting, the whole accounting department, the company kickball team, the Seattle office, and the whole company. We also build you a handy year-end report of your do-goodery.  

You're doing great, Joe. 

Celebrate and Share!

We talk about you.  It can be hard to talk about yourself while trying to stay humble. But we'd love you to have the recognition you deserve; and let the good vibes spread smiles for miles. Wildfire creates sharable content for us all to put on the fridge and be proud of. 

Get Certified 

The proof is in the doing.  You're doing so much. Let us help recognize you and spread the inspiration around. Wildfire provides rigorous recognition with our Corporate Community Action Certification. Don't get us wrong though, this isn't a participation trophy. These are a mix of quantifiable and qualitative standards set and scrutinized by industry leaders, PhD's, and big-time non-profits.